Throwback Thursday

/ Thursday, 26 January 2017

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 Hello people. Happy new Year!!!! 

Its been a minute hasn't it? Its a new year and its good vibes already. I recently started making my own clothes and I am launching a brand real soon but do not worry, i'll keep you guys up to date. Today, however, I'm posting my first post of 2017! Excited much. I decided to kinda go back to the 90s a bit (because OBVI I'm a 90s baby haha). I have recently been working with this amazing photographer called Obinna. Will put a link to his page below. He really is a gem and hes really good at what he does. 

Excited to share stuff with you all because this year we all gon eat!! LOL. Enjoy....

Vintage top - My brothers Closet 
Pants - American Apparel 
Sneakers - Topshop
Hat - thebarebrand

Photographer - MrObinnaObioma 
Hair - Harland Beauty Supply 

Stripes and Pleats

/ Sunday, 20 November 2016

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Hello people, I'm back again and today I'm back with another collaboration with Wanger Ayu and her incredible designs. Can you see those culottes and the pleated detail? Yup got me fan-girling so hard. I've never ever been a fan of culottes because i thought they looked weird on me but these ones were too nice and they fit perfectly.

On the other hand, for the past month I've been learning how to sew and design my own clothes (a skill in which i have gotten obsessed with). The top i'm wearing was one of the first ones I made and I couldn't stop making them after. The photos were taken by the Fabulous Banji and ill put his details below. Hope you like... Talk soon xxxxx

TOP - Sango by X @xenniatofficial
Culottes - Wanger Ayu @wangerayu
Shoes - Kurt Geiger 
Photos - @fab_banji

Xenniat for WangerAyu x Kanger Magazine

/ Friday, 14 October 2016

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Hey guys, whats going on? Hope everyone is has had an amazing week and hope everyone has a turnt weekend. Sooooo i did this amazing ad campaign for super Nigerian designer Wanger Ayu for a spread on Kanga Magazine. It was so much fun and i made new friends and had a blast. Wanger Ayu has an amazing range of clothing. From elegant dresses and two pieces to dope t-shirt dresses and co-ord fits. BANGING I tell you. When i walked into her show room, i was obsessed with everything immediately and when it was time to pick outfits for the campaign i was so confused i wanted almost 10 fits LOL. 

All in All, this is definitely one of my favorite Nigerian designers hands down and i cant wait to see her on New York, Paris and Milan Fashion weeks. I wore 3 of her outfits and ill put all the details of them all below so you can enjoy the slay with me. 


This was definitely my fave. I picked this so fast it was unbelievable LOL. I am not the biggest fan of Blue but this was everything and more 

The EME Dress

This dress gave me all sorts of LIFE.... It gave me such a Rihanna vibe. I had to wear sneakers with it because i couldn't imagine it being styled any other way. Its just a summery vibe that i love. I could wear this every day LITERALLY 

The Face Print Shirt Dress 
This is suchhhhhh a cute top. I styled it by tying the shirt around my wait. Twas sute tbh ahah. Paired it with jeans. Thank you Wanger Ayu 

|Fashion Brand @wangerayu
|Official Photographer @romeoshagba
|Creative Director @itshergram 
|Make Up Artist @its_totaldramaqueen
|Jewelry By @adorn_byeno
|Fashion Bloggers @ugonna_ & @xen.niat
|Kanga Co-founder @miaidris 
|Magazine - @kangamagazine 

Honey Mustard

/ Monday, 26 September 2016

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Hi guys, its your girl Xenniat coming through once again for you all. How was your weekend? Hope all went well. People always tell me i wear too much black and all. So today i decided to go a little bright for you guys. Im not realy the biggest fan of any shade of yellow but i decided to try it out and see, perfection. These two pieces didnt come together by the way. This is a top ive had for a while and a skirt I have had but hated just because it was yellow. Decided to pair both of them together and all i can say is no regrets ;). Shout out to my bestie becky who took the photos of me. You a real one 

Details of the outfit below

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Top - Missguided // Skirt - Zara // Shades - Topshop // Heels - Bank Fashion 

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